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Glanside is a Cocktail Bar

ball bullet Creative Techniques for Creative People

Glanside is a Cocktail Bar where new and interesting ideas are mixed.

Glanside is a Garden where new idea mixtures are cultivated and allowed to grow: whilst those ideas that are not helping your designs or objectives are weeded out.

Glanside is about creativity.

Glanside is the science and art of intensifying creativity through the use of creative thinking processes.

Glanside – or glancing sideways – describes and demonstrates Techniques for Creative Thinking.

Glanside has its roots in thinking techniques used by innovative organisations and creative agencies, but remodelling established techniques to give the creative freedom required in artistic projects.

ball bullet How does Glanside Work?

Logical Thinking is about thinking forwards.

For example, “If I move from point A to point B, then eventually I should arrive at point C”.

Creative thinking is about glancing sideways.

For example, “When I choose to glance sideways I find point X. Point X takes me directly from point A to point C in a much more interesting, creative and satisfying manner”.

Glanside is achieved through introducing a disruption from the original forward direction of thought: a disruption that is essential for creativity.

Glanside is the creation of the Eureka Moment at the very time when you need it most and it matters the most.

In a Eureka Moment the mind finds a new creative direction naturally. Such highly valuable Eureka Moments can also be generated through forcing the mind to make links and connections; and then investigating the possibilities of those new connections.

There are many formulas for introducing a disruption to forward thought. The creative methods you choose are linked to the creative outcomes you seek: and also of course the methods that work best for you.

You could try:

  1. Reversing the whole situation or selected parts of your current approach
  2. Distorting or exaggerating principals, approaches or thoughts
  3. Linking or connecting ideas in a different way
  4. Adding a new association – which could be a random idea or concept or analogy

What is the concept of a table? Perhaps it is support, friendship, material, manufacture, hygiene, entertainment, profit, intrigue, horror, opportunity.

From these concepts creativity can flow; a new creative cocktail can be shaken up and served.

By helping you to find – and develop – new creative approaches to life, work and your artistic objectives, Glanside can help you do more of what you value and do it better.

Come in, sit down, let’s mix some ideas together.

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