Craft Beers

The storm is brewing

The Glanside Laddering Thinking Technique has been used in the creation of this text.   The following is a summary of the Creative Structure underlying the short text Craft Beers.

 Specific Ideas

The Chairman of the Workington Craft Beer Society is worried. The complex mix of ingredients and processes that has led to their winning position in the world of craft beer is at risk.

Success in Craft Beer brewing follows from years of small innovations in critical elements of the process.

The Workington Craft Beer Society had chosen to dedicate itself to a floral garnish that both scented and gave weight to the flavour to the beer; and yet was an element that no competitor could easily discern from analysis of just the final product.

The Workington Craft Beer Association wants its members to be like the best of their beers, with hidden depths of course, but also with an amber clarity.

General Ideas

Craft Beers has mostly been developed using the Glanside creative techniques Material Fusion and Laddering.

Technique: Material Fusion

Material Fusion is the process of fusing additional material with your initial Specific Ideas.  Material Fusion assists in the evolution or further development of the Specific Ideas  – against which the theme ladders will be placed using the Laddering technique.

Derived Themes (i.e points-of-departure which can be further developed in a potential text):

  • Off the beaten track
  • Breaking down the thousands of small pieces that make up a successful brew
  • Today everything fashionable is out of fashion
  • The battle of the craft beers
  • The bottom of a glass is the best lens through which to view the World
  • The flavour of the angel

Technique: Laddering

The following theme-ladders are laid against the above specific ideas.

The rungs of the ladders lead out from the specific idea(s).  The climbing idea rungs define the area that the creative work will cover.

Derived Themes (i.e points-of-departure which can be further developed in a potential text):

  • This corner of the world was the last bastion of beer made with the floral garnish method.
  • The craft beers they had produced for a hundred years no longer held their own against competition.
  • Sent shock waves throughout the craft beer producers.
  • Workington – with its back to the sea – was never designed to protect itself from a threat from that direction.
  • When authority is sure, hesitation is seen as a disruptive action.
  • When authority is stuck, then the usual death ears suddenly become all ears.
  • A beer researcher obsessed with the possibilities behind the brewing of beer.
  • At times of great uncertainty the solution is to turn to the uncertain.
  • It is wise when handling alcohol to know your limits.
  • The thin line between courageous action in the face of a determined adversary, and a mistake.