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The Tailor is the story of a tailoring business, Threads of Arrow Street, and the changing relationship between its founder, Anjali Darji, and her assistant, Panja, whom Anjali’s tailoring uncle imposes on the fledgling business.

This novella explores the way that our experiences and concerns create a lens through which we interpret events and by the light of which we devise our strategies.

The Tailor, which is written with an intentionally creative framework, is also the story of a river that runs just beyond Arrow Street in the same – and unstoppable – way that time inevitably does.


The Tailor was designed to illustrate a range of creative techniques.

The story uses metaphors and analogies throughout. It also builds passages using ladders and chains of ideas and concepts that make reference to the trade of tailoring.

The creative style of the novella is encapsulated in the following extracts:

The work of the needle and the loom had pulled her ancestors through crumpled and smooth history across at least five generations.

The river was the great designer, creating a pattern in a few seconds and then throwing it away; its waters rubbing out the first idea before moving effortlessly on to the next reflection.  

The Tailor can be downloaded from Amazon in Kindle format for just £1.99.


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