The Bonus Pack

Different people will find that different creative techniques serve their needs most effectively.

The Bonus Pack contains additional creative techniques that are easy to use and provide some different approaches for the development of a creative work.

The following techniques can be used in both the Mixology and Cultivation stages of the development of a creative work.

Technique: Addition & Subtraction

All creativity moves from the Specific (the subject of interest that is being analysed through creativity) to the General (the new creative ideas coming out the Mixology stage of creative thinking).

In Addition & Subtraction creative possibilities are generated through adding or subtracting a qualifying word or statement from the specific idea, and then building a creative concept (i.e. a point-of-departure) using the resulting general ideas as its starting point.

Illustration: Addition & Subtraction


The Specific Idea:

Finally, he was forced to admit that he had never been jailed for speaking out against the state. This was a matter of great embarrassment for him.



Add: Context

When he arrived in the town he was brim full of energy. He was vain, combative and insolent. Around him was material he needed for his revolution. Here were the privileged, protecting their interest, their hands glued to the levers of power.

Add: Identity

He modelled himself on the famed revolutionaries of the past. This was a country with a history like a rusty hinge. It resisted movement, and then jumped open a short distance when someone pushed hard enough against the closed door. He claimed kinship with every revolutionary who had ever put the shoulder to that corroded door.

Subtract: Energy

In truth he was growing tired. He had thrown himself into the role of the revolutionary. On damp, winter market days he was there on any available raised platform, highlighting inequality to the townsfolk who had gathered in the town centre in search of vegetables, wool to repair ripped clothing, and perhaps a few eggs. He was exhausted. He had drained himself in search of his own particular revolution and nobody, and particularly not the city authorities, was interested.

Subtract: Spin

On the coldest day of the winter he was, at long last, detained by an officer of the law. The crime was not of causing a revolution, but that of causing an obstruction. It was an uncomfortable silence that accompanied him into the relative warmth of a prison cell.