Connect & Combine

Creative Techniques for Creative People - Connect & Combine

What is the Connect & Combine Creative Technique?

Connect & Combine is a technique that generates highly creative work through applying general ideas – which are formed by combining the results from a range of creative techniques – and then applying these results to the specific ideas under consideration (i.e themes, questions, arguments, subjects from which you are formulating your artistic work).

Connect & Combine is one of the core Glanside Techniques-for-Creativity which can generate creative possibilities – i.e. points of departure – which take you in different creative directions – and thus assisting the development of poetic or visual art.

How does Connect and Combine work?

Connect & Combine starts with a Specific Idea(s) and then combines this with General Ideas (e.g. words, concepts, lenses etc.) that are derived from any of the many techniques that can be used to generate general ideas.

Connect-&-Combine leads to cascading ideas where one idea combination can be further combined with other ideas.  These cascading ideas can take you in unusual and highly creative directions.

The following illustration of the Connect & Combine technique begins with a core focus on the specific idea:

There was a surplus of wealth that could be lavished on display and decoration.

This Specific Idea then connects & combines with General Ideas derived from the creative techniques Lateral Displacement, Concepts, Manners, Random Phrases, Lenses & Textures. 

Demonstration: Connect & Combine

The following is a simple illustration of the Connect & Combine Creative Thinking Technique.

Creative Techniques for Creative People - Connect & Combine

Derived Themes

Points-of-departure which can be further developed into a creative text.

The following first draft text has been derived by connecting and combining a number of different Glanside techniques-for-creativity.  Each of the following paragraphs is derived or influenced by one or more of the above general ideas derived from the creative techniques.

This text will seem disjointed as different creative techniques will lead to different viewpoints.  The key benefit of Connect & Combine is that each paragraph (point-of-departure) offers extensive scope for individual development.


She was always going to be criticised.  She could not escape it. Success had made her brighter.  Even in the darkest night she shone.  She was a point of vibrance in a dull corner of the community: and there were many of the townspeople who, on the quiet, were drawn to her.

Her difficulties of course were further compounded by her love for the fine things in life.  In a provincial town as grey as this, where everything was visible, any divergence from a colourless simplicity revealed a stubborn and self-absorbed streak.

When such a sharp wind blows you can either take shelter, or lean forward into that wind, pressing on in the same old direction.  Her life was like that.  It was a series of footsteps.  She never felt any satisfaction when an ambition or a destination was reached. There was always another terrain lying ahead, waiting to be negotiated.

She had wrong-footed them.  They knew it.  The speed at which she pulled everything together had given them no time to respond.  The conversion of the old mill, with is views across the marshes, was approved.  Winters were supposed to be dark and cold, but the converted mill would give a soft underbelly to that sharp air.

She could almost hear the prickly discussions unfolding in the Community Center, in Weight-Wary meetings, in the Model Railway Club.  Their opposition was intensified through their lack of understanding of the circumstance that created her restless momentum.  She decided to lie low, for now, and wait for the spring.

Creative Techniques for Creative People - Object Concepts

What are the historical origins of these events?

What is overthrown in this narrative? What is established?

What is the lens through which we view these events?

How does the narrator relate to other characters?

Where in the description does truth fade into myth?

What is the cost of charisma?

Essential Glanside

A process to manage the use of Creative Techniques for the development of original artwork and written work is set out in the section Essential Glanside.