Creative Thinking for Creative People

Essential Glanside

Creative Techniques for Creative People - Glanside

Forwards and Glanside thinking are combined

Just Write

A technique designed to release ‘what you know’


Diverse ideas are mixed into new possibilities

Lateral Displacement

Adding a word to change the direction of travel


Establishes a landscape of creative idea ladders

Object Concepts

Draws creativity from objects in your environment


Gathers ideas from plants and animals


Generates a sharp change in creative direction

Addition & Subtraction

Additions to or subtractions from an original idea

Shifting Perimeters

Changing words on the perimeter of a problem


Cascading ideas are further combined

From The Barstool

Creative Techniques for Creative People - BarStool

The creativity of the complaint

Six Thinking Hats

The creative process described as coloured hats